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I know someone already asked a moveset question but I want to know what the perfect combonation of moves, and NATURE.

P.S. I have acess to hypnosis but not toxic

P.S.S. I think a modest nature training S. attack and S. def would be good.


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Natures are easy. If you're going for a special sweeper you want one that raises either speed or special attack. And since you wouldn't be using the attack stat at all, lower attack.

In other words, Timid (+speed), Modest (+spatk) or if you want to boost spdef, Calm.

For moves, Surf and Ice Beam is a standard attack combo. Recover can be useful (although, if defense is low it might not be), then Hypnosis is a good option too, if you can take a few hits.

Mirror Coat is another popoular option on Milotic. EV train in HP, Sp Def, and Special Attack. Use a modest nature.