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Lance has 3 Dragonites (Dragon, Flying), 1 Charizard (Fire, Flying), 1 Aerodactyl (Rock, Flying) and 1 Gyrados (Water, Flying)! Shouldn't he be a Flying Trainer??


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A majority of the dragon type pokemon are dual types. So lots of them have a flying type weakness (giving them a 4X weakness to ice, partially to keep the game balanced, they have o give them at least one major weakness to be able to take them down.) It was very important in generation 1 seeing as there were no useful dragon moves, meaning you had to depend on ice to win against Lance. It's his team from the original gold and silver. However, when you rematch him, his new team is:


Also, his dragon types wouldn't be weak to electric, because dragon types are resistant to it.

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where do you get this info?
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Well he was from gen I and II so the only dragon type was a flying type except kingdra who was not as powerful and gyrados, charizard, and aerodactyle look like dragons and on the second fight he has a garchomp.

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Did any of you guys who read this comment know that the original name for Gyrados was going to be Skullcrakin but they didn`t have enough room to put that so they just called it Gyrados.