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ok. I know this is confusing, so I'm gonna explain it the best I can.
i get into a wild Pokemon battle just as I face a NPC.
is this possible?
which comes first, the wild Pokemon or the trainer battle?
will either of them get canceled out?

f.y.i. I know I have more than one question. explination: it wouldnt all fit into one sentence.


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I think I get what you're saying; you're saying that if you walk into a patch of grass that happens to have a wild Pokemon battle, and that patch of grass also happens to be on a trainer's path, will the trainer notice you first (& therefore battle you) or will the wild battle happen first. Am I right?

If so, I've found that it's the Pokemon battle that comes first. After the battle, the trainer will then immediately notice you & challenge you.

I don't know if there's some kind of uniformity within the games, but I've only had this happen to me in older games and they're rather glitchy.

It happened to me in Black1.
But since the trainers in Gen V tend to turn around a lot more, it hasn't happened to me. Not since... Gen III, probably.
Happened to me in White 2's Pinwheel Forest just the other day.
Its probably more common with the addition of rustling grass, i thought it would be cool if u double battled against the trainer and Audino (probably)