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Just wondering

Hmm....if this is not answered I'll evaluate Vespiquen and do it myself. (c'mon guys..don't make me do it..)
In game or online? Vespiquen can be great fun in the main game but plays a different role in competitive, after all. Basically a staller with dubious typing and a 4x weakness to the eternal stealth rock is something I wouldn't ordinarily touch with a 20ft pole in an online match.

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Vespiquen: Bug/Flying


Fire x2
Electric x2
Ice x2
Flying x2
Rock x4


Grass 1/4
Fighting 1/4
Bug 1/2

Builds up defense with Defend Order and poisons with Toxic. It makes for a good staller.
Too many Weaknesses for me. Your choice.

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I know this is answered, but I think I can do some more than that's already been done.

Now, stats first. I will show stats then pick out some good things, and bad things.

HP 70 250 - 344

ATTACK 80 148 - 284

DEFENSE 102 188 - 333

SP. ATK 80 148 - 284

SP. DEF 102 188 - 333

SPEED 40 76 - 196


The most obvious points are the impressive defence and Special defensive stats. This combined with Heal Order, a rare recovery move among Bug types. This means it can stall out on the field much better than other Bug types. Decent offence is possible too.

Unfortunately, that low HP stat doesn't do any favours on the stalling front however. Meaning it can't really take repeated hits. Another downside is that walls can't really afford to lose half their health while switching into stealth rocks. As said, those weakness don't help it's cause either. It doesn't have that many useful resistances other than a handy fight type resist.

  • Moves:*

Vesp has a very trolly and impressive movepool. It has many physical and attack moves to play around with on the offensive front. Heal order, defence order, Toxic, swagger, Destiny Bond, thief and sleep talk all are very effective stalling moves. Although, with some of these moves, it is too slow to use them. Ones like Destiny bond require out speeding then enemy, and with some of these need to take some heavy hits to pull off.

Ok then Moveset.

Gen V
Vespiquen (F) @ Bug Gem
Trait: Pressure
EVs: 68 Atk / 220 Def / 220 SDef
Careful Nature (+SDef, -SAtk)
Heal Order
Attack Order
Defend Order

Set by trachy.

Right so conclusion.

Although with these decent stats, it lacks overall to stall that well, doesn't have the power to get past walls, but has a very decent movepool and a few useful resources and niches. But all those seem overshadowed by the weaknesses and average stats. So I would say no.

Hope I helped xD

This is a good answer. But acrobatics and bug gems aren't in Platinum.
Mech, this question has nothing to do with the game Platinum. this could be BW or BW2, it hasn't told us. Just cos it was in Plat doesn't mean this is for plat.
Try reading the tags next time.
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in game I sugest yes. because it can take hits well and attack, defend and heal order are great moves

hm..even tho it has so many weakness and can be Koed qucikly without much trouble..and can't do that much damage?
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Not really. Its a defensive Pokemon and I think its attack and defense order are not that good. If you want a good defensive bug then you could choose vespiquen.

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the heal and defend orders can help you set up really well , then go for the attack , and she looks pretty cool :) I would say yes !