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I've recently watched a platinum video with the person having a night slash sneasel. I've always thought sneasel could never learn night slash.
Can sneasel learn night slash in Pokemon platinum? Can someone clear my confusion?
I'm currently playing platinum and would also like to know how to get night slash for my sneasel if it is possible to get.

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Their sneasel is probably hacked or something.
Did you confuse it with weavile?
What is the video? I just wanna see if you confused it with Weavile, because it cannot learn night slash in gen 4.

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the sneasel is hacked.
there is no way to get night slash sneasel in platinum without HACKING.
if you want to have a night slash on your sneasel, there is no way. you must evolve your sneasel to weavile and then level up.
this is sneasel movepool/learnset. and this is weavile movepool/learnset

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