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I have a few Pokemon cards that have a weakness to a type but don't say by how much.... (the first one I noticed was Numel from the Deoxys EX theme) This is one of them: http://cdn.bulbagarden.net/upload/0/02/NumelEXDeoxys68.jpg

That Numel card has a X2 weakenss to Water, I only know this because Bulbapedia says so. But the card doesn't say so, I don't understand why. So why do they make some cards like that? Does it mean something? It doesn't make sense to me...... But my question is simple: Why are some Pokemon cards made with weakness, and yet don't say by how much?


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You are right on the card having X2 weakness. It is because nearly all Hoenn and early Sinnoh cards regularly don't have the "X2" indicator as well as a level next to its name. This was a simple fixed in later Sinnoh expansions. I expect that they added it to the TCG to be more competitive and to avoid confusion like what you display in your question.

To avoid any further confusion or didn't answer it completely, I can revise my answer.

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