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I'm not sure if this is against rules or not.. and if it is I'll gladly hide it immediately, but how much do the cards weigh?

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they weigh as much as they are worth, about nothing - this was the answer everywhere i searched
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>they exactly weigh as much as they are worth.......... nothing


Lol Jokes. Here's the real answer;

As shown by this youtube video and another Question on Wiki Answers the weight for a regular SINGLE Pokemon Card is about 1.7-1.8 grams. It can easily vary by .1 or .2 grams
However, the Youtube Video also shoed that for Holofoil Cards, the weight was normally around 1.9-2 grams

For the record 1 gram = 0.00220462 pounds.

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omg my scale was right then .00220462x 2= about .0044 times 360 is like 1.6 :3
Your answer was slightly wrong however

I'm assuming the cards you weighed were Holofoil cards. If you do the maths, 1 card for you would be equal to 0.0044444 (and so on) pounds
That's 2.01 grams roughly
Unless you're mass exporting them across the Brooklyn Bridge or something, I simply don't see the whole point of each individual card's weight  -_-
1 edition Base Set Holofoil Charizard is worth more then 2000$
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360 cards are 1.6 pounds

1 card is nearly weightless
meaning 225 weigh one pound  -_-
i don't know where this is getting