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Like zapdos moltres and articuno in gen 1

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The Flying legendaries, Pokemaster had a name for them, can't remeber what though.


There is also a quartet legendary set, the Fighting quartet.

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They are called the "Raijin trio" after the Japanese god of thunder/lightning.
Isn't virizion one of those four? And the one one route 6? And I thinkkkkkk virizion is in pinwheel forest.  Not sure tho.
Virizion is with Cobalion and Terrakion
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Tornadus thunderus, and landorus but you need the first 2 to get thee third like in HG/SS

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The fighting qualet are Virizion (grass/fighting), Keldeo (water/fighting),Cobalion (steel/fighting), and Terrakion (rock/fighting).