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I really need ur help!
Blastoise is so Cool and knows Rapid Spin but Gorebyss knows Amnesia, Iron Defense and Shell Smash....


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Blastoise has better stats and is better than gorebyss in most stats and therefore deliver powerful hits and take some as well.
I recommend blastoise.

Hope I helped.

Thank you dude!
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I think that Blastoise is the better choice. Gorebyss has better attacking stats and a great defense, but Blastoise has a good bit more HP than Gorebyss and has high and balanced defenses, whereas Gorebyss is only high in the defense stat and so-so in the Sp. Def. stat. Blastoise also has decent speed, unlike Gorebyss. Gorebyss has good psychic attack coverage and can learn shadow ball. But Blastoise can learn moves like Earthquake, Brick Break, Flash Cannon, and Dragon Tail. Blastoise can also learn Iron Defense. Also, as you said, Blastoise is a rapid spinner, and that's usually very important for getting rid of stones, spikes, and toxic spikes. So looking at the stats and movesets, Blastoise is better all around.