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I know this has been answered, but my Bagon has a very unfortunate special attack "( nature, so I need a special moveset for the Salamence he'll turn into. But before you answer, is a special movset even good for competitive battling? Or should I just breed for another one. If your answer is yes, breed it, then you don't have to give a moveset

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Answer my WHOLE question, people!

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A full special moveset is not recommended, but you can easily get away with a mixed set. Flamethrower and Draco Meteor are of course good moves. But you can even not use Draco Meteor and use Dragon Dance to increase attack, allowing you to still have a powerful Flamethrower, but also making Outrage and Earthquake more powerful easily.

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dragon claw


fly/aerial ace

stone edge


dragon pulse


hydro pump

air cutter

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Dragon Pulse-Good STAB, accurate, super effective vs. other dragon types

Flamethrower-Covers Ice

Hydro Pump-Covers Rock

Draco Meteor/Hidden Power-Draco Meteor gives good STAB and power but you don't really need 2 dragon moves, For Hidden Power you'd have to find out what your Bagon's is to see if its worth keeping

A special moveset for Salamence is worth keeping if it works into your battle strategy, since its usually unexpected.

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Specal moveset

Draco meteor
Hydro pump
Dragon pulse

Physical moveset

Giga impact
Dragon rush

Mixed moveset

Hydro pump
Fire fang
Thunder fang

I would get rid of the physical movest a because this is a special movest b. no offended but double edge and giga impact? Not good the special movest is good though
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1) Fly- good stab attack
2) Dragon Claw-another good stab and covers dragon
3) Earthquake-covers for rock
4) Stone Edge or Rock Slide- your choice, stone edge has uber attack but rock slide can take multiple enemies out. either way, they both cover ice.

He said SPECIAL moveset, not physical. Read the question fully before you answer.