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>Charizard is one of the few Pokémon Ash owns that temporary disobeyed him (albeit only after evolving into Charizard due to rapid evolution), the others being Pikachu and Primeape.

Charizard didn't listen to Ash because it felt like it was too powerful and to good to listen to a trainer with Ash's skill (at the time). The same thing happens in the games (if you play them). If you were to trade over a Pokemon that is at too high a level it may disobey its trainer. That's basically what happened to Charmeleon/Charizard.

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it all started when ash got his charmander which he "adopted" but never actually caught, so he was always too high of a level so he would always disobey ash. like in the games when the gym leaders say, now traded Pokemon up to lvl. 30 will obey.

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You could say that charmeleon evolved too early and at the time ash wasn't skilled enough to control such a high leveled Pokemon at the time.

Because he didn't have enough badges for Pokemon over level thirty to obey him XD
Even when he had eight it was still a pain.... Because by then it was level one million! lol
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Ash never actually caught carmander and is considered a traded Pokemon