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I have used Sawk before and he was really strong, but I want to use Mienshao too.They both have the same attack stat and Mienshao is faster but Sawk has sturdy which is one of my favorite ability's. I'm playing Black so I can get Sawk way earlier but is it worth waiting for Mienshao?


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If this is in-game, use whichever one you think is cooler. But as for which one is better in competetive, that'd be my buddy Meinshao. He is much faster, has access to a lot of good moves like Hi Jump Kick, Fake Out, and Stone Edge, has the ability to Baton Pass, run a Specs/Calm Mind set, and abuse U-turn (Which was a god-send) with Regenerator, which is arguably one of the best abilities in the game.

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thanks but this is for in game so i think i'll go for sawk to help me against Lenora
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ingame it would still probably be meinshao