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I need a strategy. I didn't start with Blaziken and my most powerful Pokemon is a Lv.25 Numel. I have a Lv.20 Machop. I don't want just a "Level up your Machop" kind of thing, but more of a "Use these moves if etc., etc.

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Well leveling up Machop seems like the best thing to do. I mean, it's kinda close to evolution at Level 25, so try that.
I know this is a little late, but I had trouble with him and my highest was a 29 combusken.  I started off with kirlia, who traced the spindas own tempo ability, preventing teeter dance, spindas main move, from working. despite this, he still spammed teeter dances. Then I racked up calm minds and killed him with psychic. for the vigoroth and linnone I sent out my aron (1/4 resitance to normal moves) and took them out with iron tail, and for the slaking I just sent out combusken and hacked away with double kick, healing on the turns where he loafed around. with the team you have, I would definatly evolve machop and you might be able to beat him that way.

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I agree completely with Mewcreation, evolving your machop is the best way to go, given the info that you gave. What I did in my Sapphire is, I had two Lombres and alternate them using fake out on "Dad's" Slaking. Since Lombre has low attack and fake out is weak, EV train (attack) and troll "dad" using the fake out when he sends out Slaking. Plus Marshtomp can learn decent fighting moves, if you gotten brick break already make Marshtomp learn it. That will help a lot. Those three things should work out for ya.

Here's two ways to troll dad:
The first one is the way I mentioned above. Two Lombres, even better two Nuzleafs (if possible), use macho brace to boost all stats when leveling up. After getting to the desired level (and stats) alternate Lombres/Nuzleafs between the loafing around; don't forget to use Fake Out. Evolving your Lombres/Nuzleafs into Ludicolos/Shiftrys will help out, but got no new or better moves after evolving, so I'm leaving that decision to you.

The second one is getting a Pokemon that can learn Thunder Wave. Get a Pokemon that can learn the move, like Pikachu, get Makuhita/Hariyama that knows SmellingSalt. Use your Thunder Wave Pokemon to paralyze and alternate Makuhita/Hariyama, use SmellingSalt to increase power. Of coarse SmellingSalt will cure the paralyses, switch with the Thunder Wave Pokemon with Makuhita/Hariyama to do the whole thing again. Cycle through this a few times and you should be the winner.

There you go more information.

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Do you want more info?
I'm to bored to EV train...
the issue with thunder wave is his pokemon will destroy you with facade. be careful if you are using that stratgey
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Honestly, the best thing you could do Is evolve your machop. The two things that I did recently (I'm at Fortree right now) is level my mahutika up until it was a Hariyama, which took out almost all of the normal types. The other thing is using mainly special moves, like manectric, or grovyle as I did, as many of his Pokemon know confusion inducing moves, and this will hurt and physical based Pokemon. Knowing your starter would be useful to me as well. One last thing I did to KO Slaking was use dig with my Aron, missing all of the turns it could attack on because of truant. While It took a long time, it helped a lot. Poison, burn or other residual damage would also be a blessing with slaking.

I have Marshtomp
Sweet I have a Swampert
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Well, What I would do is if you have mudkip, (like me) you should hit with all the mud type attacks as possible. Also you could capture a skarmory and use it against Norman. This would help becuse his Slaking does very little damage to steel types

Hope this helps

Where do I get Skarmory?
Route 113, A.K.A right of Fallarbor town.
Oh, thanks. (*_*)
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You could catch an Aron or a Geodude then level them up, as they have a great resistance to Normal type attacks. or you could level up a Shromish that is easily accessible in Petalburg Woods and get Breloom with STAB-Mach Punch then if possible, teach it bulk up, you could do the same with Makuhita as its evolved form Hariyama is quite bulky and can take some hits.

For moves for either one I would definitely recommend Rock Tomb to lower their speed, or any defense boosting moves. Make sure they have an attack boosting nature or any investments in attack, so you can dish out as much damage as you can. Or just do what other people are saying and evolve your Machop. Make sure to teach it Bulk Up unless your Combusken already has it.

Hopefully, this helps :)

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Graveler and Aggron both have low special defense and speed, water weakness, and no strong rock attacks, which makes them pretty useless after defeating Norman. I'd say Combusken, Breloom, and Hariyama are the best fighting Pokemon to use against Norman, but I guess Machoke is better in this specific case.
Graveler/Golem and Aggron don't do that bad after Norman as your up against a Flying type gym after Norman and Aggron also has that advantage over the Psychic Gym, but for the both I would keep it away from Water types or Grass Types and you will have solid matchups.
Rock Pokemon aren't always useful in flying gyms. Graveler and Aggron don't learn strong rock attacks before Winona, and her Pokemon use solar beam, water gun, steel wing, and earthquake. Tate and Liza also has an earthquake user. Even when Aggron has a type advantage, it's held back by its late evolution and low special defense and speed.
true but remember, this is only for Normans Gym and the team you would have should be able to counter all of Aggrons/Golems weakenesees
Hariyama's and Machoke's weaknesses are a lot less common than Graveler's and Aggron's. Breloom can cover many of its own weaknesses by outspeeding and OHKOing the opponent. So it's much easier for teammates to cover all of Breloom's or Hariyama's weaknesses than it is to cover all of Graveler's or Aggron's weaknesses.
I only recommend geodude and aron specifically for this gym with some of the other matchups in the game not being kind to both Graveler/Golem and Aggron.
Breloom, Hariyama, and Machoke are useful specifically for this gym and also against other opponents. Why did you recommend Geodude and Aron over those other options?
I changed my answer, sorry for the confusion but geodude and aron are also good options as they have that resistance to Normal Types but geodude has access to better moves such as Magnitude, Self Destruct, and Rollout although your better off using Fighting types but those were the other options I come up with. Thanks for your help :D