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People say different things,like darkness,or distortion(,obviusly)
Or evilness'what does giratina really stand for?

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Giratina stands for the parallel world. The Distortion world is it's home and everything is parallel when Giratina is around. He distorts time and space and is the parallel of both Palkia and Dialga, this making them the creation trio. He was probably banned by Arceus because he misused his powers for a while and was sent to a dimension fitting him.

This is just my hypothesis

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Girasol A red opal
Platina an alloy of platinum, the game of which it is the mascot

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I suspect you mean Giratina's Etomology, or name origin. Our site has an etomology for every Pokemon, just look under Other Stuff to find it.

girasol a red opal
platina an alloy of platinum, the game of which it is the mascot

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Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina represent, and overrule, the main components of the univese. Dialga controls time (when), Palkia controls space (where), and Giratins controls matter and antimatter(what). Matter, especially when compared to the stable existence of time and space, is highly chaotic, and so is giratina. Giratina was banished to the distortion world for causing chaos, and now rules as its sole resident. The chaotic distortion world contains antimatter, matter's even more chaotic form that explodes with matter on contact. So, giratina is the ruler and embodiment of chaos, as well as the master of substance.

But that's just my favorite explanation.

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