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Giratina is supposed to represent antimatter but in just about every single articile I read about the spacetime continuum, or jsut spacetime in general, there was not a single mention of antimmater anywhere. Dialga and Palkia is supposed to represent time and sapce so where would that leave Giratina?

There was a theory that Giratina actually represents gravity but that was just it, a theory. So to avoid this being a discussion or theory question, was it ever explained anywhere as to why Giratina represents antimatter? Or is this just another one of the things about Pokemon taht doesn't make sense and gamefreak just left it to speculation?

Don't bother putting in your own theory as an answer. I just want to know if the franchise itself ever gave an explanation or not. Just give a link where it is officially said why Giratina represents antimatter and if there is none, just mention that it is left to speculation

Also, I know about Giratina where it was mentioned that it is a violent creature so count that out

Cynthia mentions Giratina and antimatter in an event-exclusive cutscene in HGSS. https://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Cynthia/Quotes
Also based on my limited understanding of physics, I think antimatter follows almost all the same laws as regular matter and is not really the "opposite" of time and space in any way. The game designers just used a word that was from physics and sounded kind of cool.
Well I'm definitely not gonna take Cynthia's word for it since I believe she researches myth out of curiosity and not science

Also, that's not how antimatter works. Antimatter is the polar opposite to matter and if they come into contact to one another, both are completely annihilated and by annihilated, I mean totally destroyed since matter cannot be destroyed and only transform, if that is even the right word anyway.  With that, if the distortion world truly is the world of antimatter, Cynthia, Cyrus and the player should have been instantly annihilated upon entering
Are you disagreeing with me? You said "that's not how antimatter works", and then none of the sentences after that contradict anything I said.
Oh wait nevermind. My bad. I misread
Nope, it doesn't make any sense. This aside, there are also theories that Giratina represents Gravity and a cool one that says it represent Gas
(Steel = Solid, Water = Liquid, Ghost = Gas)

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Yes, there is official confirmation that it represents, or atleast is inspired by antimatter.

One of Platinum's directors, Takeshi Kawachimaru, confirmed in an interview with G4 that Giratina was inspired by antimatter. An excerpt from the interview

Mr. Masuda came to me and explained the original concept for the Pokemon Giratina. He mentioned anti-matter as something -- it's there, but it's something you can't see. Mr. Masuda gave me a lot of key concepts to design around -- matter, antimatter, Einstein's theory of relativity. I was the one that had to make those concepts a realization in a Pokemon game -- both visually and implementing certain tricks into the gameplay to give the player a sense of bipolarity.

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That doesn't even begin to make any kind of logical sense but I'll take the answer. Thanks
No Gmax Waluigi, antimatter and dark matter are COMPLETELY different things. You can read about that here:

Might turn out to be the most interesting thing you've read today, that is, if you have a little interest in Physics.
Ok, thanks I love physics I guess I got that wrong.
Dark matter and antimatter are completely different. Antimatter is the opposite of matter, with positive electrons (positrons) and negative protons. Dark matter is invisible, and current theories says that it is what allows the universe to function, as it acts the opposite to gravity and stops the universe going back to a singularity. Giratina being antimatter doesn't make sense on any level, as Matter + Antimatter = BOOM!! Then again, when has Pokemon made any sense?
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As for the why of Giratina representing antimatter, that's because Arceus, after creating the Pokemon world, created three Pokemon to control different things. Dialga controls Time, Palkia Space . . . so then, why do we need on to control antimatter?
Probably because, knowing the Pokemon world, otherwise an antimatter Pokemon would be born and destroy everything. Giratina keeps antimatter in check, most likely.

The question asked for official explanations or quotes. Is this answer from an official thing?