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Giratina is one of my favorite Pokemon, however I don't know what he represents, the other main Sinnoh Legendaries are obvious, Dialga=Time, Palkia=Space, but what about Giratina, I've come up with either Dimensions, or Reality, are either of those correct? Thanks so much!

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Giratina is the Pokemon of Antimatter. It is called "antimatter", as antimatter is the exact opposite of normal matter. Electrons are Positrons, (positively charged particles) and protons are antiprotons (negatively charged). This is supposed to represent giratina being able to control other dimensions.

One of Platinum's directors, Takeshi Kawachimaru, confirmed in an interview with G4 that Giratina was inspired by antimatter, among other things.

Mr. Masuda came to me and explained the original concept for the Pokemon Giratina. He mentioned anti-matter as something -- it's there, but it's something you can't see. Mr. Masuda gave me a lot of key concepts to design around -- matter, antimatter, Einstein's theory of relativity. I was the one that had to make those concepts a realization in a Pokemon game -- both visually and implementing certain tricks into the gameplay to give the player a sense of bipolarity.

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Just to let you know, the link to the source doesn’t work. At least for me, anyway.
The link was totally broken. I looked for a source, but I couldn't find what the answer is quoting. @TBP if you did quote something, you should say what it is. Otherwise, just don't use blockquotes.
I found some direct confirmation of Giratina's inspiration from an interview, which I added to the answer.
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Giratina also represents the devil, or Satan.
It was once good but turned bad and was banished by Arceus, which is the god pokémon. Biblically, this is essentially what happened to Satan.

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Not very accurate, perhaps, but this is just my 2 cents on what I think Giratina is

He's the embodiment of chaos. To be exact, a naturally-happening chaos (like natural disasters, viruses, basically things that aren't made by humans.), not those that happens because of humans (e.g: terrorisms, bombing, etc.). Keep in mind how Giratina's home is the Distortion World - a place that probably represents the parallels and chaos happening in the human world. The one that I think represents man-made chaos is Zygarde - Which i'll explain later on maybe because I don't want to make this answer seem too long.

Well, might seem a little dumb but anyways, I still want to share my 2 cents.

Uh, Zygarde represents balance. Pretty sure it’s not man made either. It is canon that Giratina represents antimatter, and it also bears a very close resemblance to Satan in it’s backstory and the fact that it’s design is covered in 6s (666? The “Devil’s Number”?)
dangitdarnit, i guess i'm not that good about theorizing these kinds of things huh. ;-;