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I'm having a hard time to choose.

PS:I'm only at the 6th gym

I would suggest an ice type

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Since this being White 2 there are added Pokemon from other regions early on such as in the Virbank Complex, you can find wild Elekid. Pokemon like this can learn a variety of moves, like Electivire (the final form of Elekid) being known for having moves such as Thunderpunch, Fire punch, Ice Punch. (Note: Some moves may only be available through move tutors)

A small list of my suggestions to consider training are these Pokemon, (evolved forms preferably) and where they're located:

Elekid (Electivire) - Virbank Complex
Riolu (Lucario) - Floccesy Ranch
Mareep (Ampharos) - Floccesy Ranch
Eevee (any Eeveelution available) - Castelia City
Scraggy (Scrafty) - Route 4
Magnemite (Magnezone) - Virbank Complex

I have only lucario though
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Ok, so you have to deal with Swanna, Skaramory, and Swoobat. Here are my suggested Pokémon
Zebstrika (Route 7)
Emolga (Route 6 and 7)
Klink (Chargestone Cave)
Joltik (Chargestone Cave)
(Add your own fifth)
Plus your starter
Suggested movesets
Zebstrika (Use this Pokémon against Skarmory! It is the most importaint against it!)
-Wild Charge
-Flame Charge (Deals with the pesky Skarmory)
-Toxic/Light Screen

-Electro Ball
-Light Screen/Charge

-Charge Beam
-Shift Gear

-Gastro Ascid
-Electro Ball
-Spider Web

These are the only good Pokemon I got to battle with when battling Skyla and these are the movesets I gave them. Hope I helped!