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So I'm playing through White 2 now, up to Chargestone Cave.

Yet my team seem really weak. I regularly have to stock up on Revives and Potions, which I can't ever remember having. To do in the original White game.

My team is:


All are around level 30-32.

I'm probably going to switch out Ferroseed for Tynamo when I catch one. I was using Voltik as my electric type but it seemed pretty naff.

I'm struggling with wild Pokémon and trainers and I don't know why. Pokemon games are just usually a breeze.

I'm limiting myself to only Unova Pokémon, and no-one who was in my original White 1 team (Samurott, Excadrill, Beartic, Siglyph, Zebstrika, Darmanitan) but I didn't expect the game to be this much of a slog. It's obviously going to be harder than the newer games due to no EXP split across the whole party and EXP being level dependent, but is there another reason I'm struggling?

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Of course your team has to be weak because many of them aren't fully evolved. Evolving is always good except some pokemon that can make good use of Eviolite
You can try not using Ducklett, Solosis, and Ferroseed so your other Pokemon get more experience, though I'm not sure how well this will work with BW's weird experience formula.
Clay will demolish you...

I recommend getting a Vibrava after 6th gym, since Flygon is pretty god and helped me a lot.  Axew is uneeded TBH, and you need a grass type special attacker for Clay TBH. Also Ferrothorn is good in comp, but not in-game
I'm pretty sure Axew is really better than Flygon because Trapinch takes a long time to evolve and doesn't learn earthquake unless it takes even longer. Also the Vicarinatutu said "only Unova Pokemon", which I think means only Generation 5 Pokemon.
Could you show your moveset for each of the pokemon? It might be the moves you have on them that is making them weak.
You need to do some grinding. Or get a better team.
i'll say for you...

audinos, yeah audinos, he/she can be found in shaking grasses to get a shaking grass just walk/run around until a patch of grass shakes and you will get audino in there also it has a higher chance to get a audino
good luck ;)
You have to throw away your Solosis, get back to Flocessy Ranch and get a Riolu ASAP. You choose right way by changing Ferroseed with Tynamo anyway. Good luck...

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I say switching ducklett with a better Pokémon, in my opinion you’d should change it with a grass or water so you can be able to defeat clay.

If you want to get a new Pokemon for Clay, then you should probably get a Petilil.