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What happened to bl3?

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i remember when I was making my tourney idea and I was looking at tiers, bl3 was still a tier. when I looked at the tiers page on smogon just now, it wasnt there! it had disappeared! so, is bl3 not important anymore?

P.S. I am not making this up. believe me

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I'm sorry, what it is BL3? I'm just curious. ;_; I don't do competitive battling. Sorry. xD
BL3 was one of the BorderLine tiers. It was the third one, the first being BL between OU and UU, BL2 is between UU and RU, and BL3 was between RU and NU but no longer exists as the answer below states.

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Jynx, the only Pokemon that lurked in BL3, moved up to RU. So that Tier is nonexistent again.

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And jynx moved down to NU after that.