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Which one is the best! Statistically speaking of course. I have access to all 3, but which is the best? I love Hitmonlee's sheer force, Hitmonchan's defense is wonderful, and Hitmontop is the balanced, strategic one.


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Let's see. All three are awesome, but only in certain situations. I'll do a brief pros and cons of all three.


-Gets punching moves powered by ability
-has diverse movepool thanks to elemental punches.
-good attack and special defense, not to mention decent defense.
-Plenty of moves to cover weaknesses.

-Excellent attack, and special defense.
-good speed for sweeping.
-nice moves to cover weaknesses.
-Good special defense.
-hard hitting, powerful moves.
-ability can either increase damage, or prevent paralysis (helping out that nice speed even more)

-Great ability to power up weak moves, making them into a threat.
-Nicely distributed stats.
-decent movepool.
-good revenge moves.


-Has low Hp, which defeats the purpose of high special defense.
-most people will exploit his lower defense and just use physical moves.
-mediocre speed takes away lots of sweeping potential, forcing him to rely on priority moves.
-Only one good ability limits movepool, and makes your pokemon more predictable.

-low defense. (This one applies to all three of them though.)
-Okay, pretty predictable movepool.
-Most power moves have either huge drawbacks or are unreliable (Like stone edge and it's low accuracy.)

-Being the most used of the three, he tends to be the most predictable, the technician set is good, but obvious.
-needs stat boosters to hod up against tougher pokemon, but lacks the defenses to set them up.
-decent speed stat makes for mediocre sweeping.

All in all, my personal best choice would be Hitmonlee, due to versatility and all out sweeping.

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I Think, and Most People Agree That Hitmonlee is the Best. though they are all good, Hitmonlee gets higher attack and Speed, making it the best sweeper with great sets and Reckless like: Hi Jump Kick, Earthquake, Blaze Kick, and Stone Edge...

Hitmontop is best imo.
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Hitmontop is best. It has two of the best abilities, Intimidate which provides defense backup, or Technician, which Triple Kick, Revenge, or Mach Punch make great use of. It can also Rapid Spin, one of the most important things in Gen 4. With Foresight, it can even use Rapid Spin against Ghost types. While its attack might be lower, it has Bulk Up. Technician also makes use of Bullet Punch, Pursuit, and Fake Out. STAb Close Combat also does a lot of damage.

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Hitmonlee is best imo.
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I like Hitmonlee because of its rare kicking moves, but Hitmontop is the best.

Hitmonchan is the best becuase jakie chan is cool
Haha, love etymology! :p
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I'd have to say that Hitmonlee is the best. Its speed compliments its attack which makes it a good team asset, although its defence is limited and makes it vulnerable to physical attacks. I'd originally go with Hitmonchan and its defence advantage but if we go to the favourites game, its Hitmonlee for me.