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I have no idea if this is a good team so tell me if I need to change it! :) This is my white2 version btw.







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seems nice can I see the moveset

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Well, your team is fine! ;)

A few tips, you can get rid of either Flygon or Staraptor. I'd get rid of Staraptor, since Flygon is a Dragon-type. Dragon-types are good in-game.

You could replace them with a possible Fighting-type. You could choose Machamp, or Mienshao. Or you could choose a Grass-type, but I've got no suggestion for that.

So... that's my evaluation. Hope I helped. :)

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It seems like a decent team, maybe add a tank/stall so.if you're ever need to buy time to like revive or use a potion the tank/stall can provide that. Like a Jellicent Chansey/Blissey or a Ferrothorn

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