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I'll be waited to know the answer.

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Jade,violet,burgendy,orange,cerealuen, etc a lot actually

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Of what you would call the "major" colors: orange, purple, pink, brown and grey are not Pokemon games. I'm not going to answer any more that haven't been in a Pokemon title since we can go on and on with subdivisions like cerulean, maroon, brown, violet, indigo, cream xD

However the ones which have been in Pokemon games are:
Pokemon Red, Blue, Green and Yellow (and their remakes FireRed, Leafgreen)
Pokemon Gold and Silver (as well as their remakes HeartGold, SoulSilver)
Pokemon Black and White (and obviously Black 2/White 2)

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nice job, nice answer by reversing the answer around so it still was the answer
we're going to go on until something like lime-green, yellowish-green, slightly-more-yellow-yellowish-green, slightly-more-slightly-more-yellow-yellowish-green, yellowish-green with a hint of saffron.......and so on and so forth...
You forgot Pokemon Yellow.