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i play heartgold now.
Is there any good ones.The moveset may optional

No legendaries

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1. Dragonite - Dratini from Dragon's den (after beating Clair and answering a few questions). If you need one, Dragonite will serve fabulously as a HM slave.

Ability: Inner Focus
- Thunder Wave/ Dragon Dance
- Outrage/ Dragon Claw
- Aqua Tail
- Extreme Speed (Dragon Den Dratini)

Dragon Claw is better than Outrage, if only because it doesn't confuse you; you can get the TM as first prize from the Goldenrod Lottery (top floor of the department store) on a Sunday, so I would try for that.

2. Zubat - get a Zubat... anywhere, really. Zubats are a pain to level up early on, but after that Crobats make a nice addition to a team. Shame Acrobatics came in at Gen V.

Ability: Inner Focus
- Wing Attack/ Pluck
- Mean Look
- Bite
- Roost/ Fly

Mean Look will be absolutely brilliant for trapping annoyances like Raikou and Entei.

3. Swellow - headbutt trees in Cherry Grove for a Taillow. Frail, but has the benefit of Guts and good speed.

Ability: Guts
- Quick Attack
- Aerial Ace
- Return/ Facade
- Fly

I also would recommend Togekiss, but while it's a good Pokemon, you cannot get a Shiny Stone to evolve Togetic until late in the game.

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Dragonite as a hm slave...
</3 you broke my heart. Dragonite is my second fav pokemon. </3
lol :P
It's just that  HGSS is lacking good early HM slaves, and you get the Dratini relatively early. You can always breed another one to use in battle.
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Dragonite (Get Dragonair from Dragons Den or Dratini from Dragon's Den/Johto Safari Zone/Gamecorner though catching either of these are rare-uncommon)
Togekiss (Get Togekiss Egg from Professor Elm's aid in Violet City, evolve to Togetic with high friendship then use Shiny Stone for togekiss)
Gyarados (Lake of Rage - SHINY :D, Fuchsia city, Mt. Silver, Seafoam Islands with Super Rod)
Scyther is okay (National Park, Bug Catching Contest)
Lugia (Whirl Islands)
Ho-Oh (Bell Tower)
Yanmega (Catch Yanma route 35 extremely rare then evolve to Yanmega by levelling while knowing Ancientpower)
Crobat (Evolve from Golbat with high happiness who can be found in Dark Cave, Ice Cave, Cliff Cave, Mt. Silver etc. or catch Zubat about in any cave and evolve)
Gliscor (Catch Gligar route 45, level up at night with razor fang to evolve)

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I thought Lugia was a legendary?
knightofdragon he said no legendaries.