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Scyther item Eviolite Regigigas item ???

trait Technician trait Slow Start

Roost Earthquake
Swords Dance Ice Punch
Bug Bite Bulk Up
Aerial Ace ???

Scyther has good attack and and so does Regigigas some bulkups and sword dances and you have an extremely powerful duo plus you have an earthquake and flying type team

Please suggest some tips and feel free to change the Pokemon as well Thank you I know its not the best

I wouldn't really call this a strategy. More of... two Pokemon being used in Double Battles.

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Its not really a strategy haha.
But regarding Regigigas... the problem is slow start. Sure you can spam Bulk Up/Swords Dance but your going to need to outlast 5 turns to properly abuse them with Regigigas so yeah.
If this is in competitive, a combo like Abomasnow and Walrein might be cool :P Abomasnow activates snow and both can spam blizzard :P
Ingame... well my strategies in game consist of a fast Pokemon using Fly and a slower Pokemon using lava plume and/or earthquaking with your partner being a flying Pokemon :P
But frankly no =/ I really don't consider this a good 'strategy' or pair really
Sorry :L

thank you i did not at all read anything about that terrible slow start ability thank you for telling me this