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Actually, Technically, a pokemon can have 2 Natures. Though One Raises the Stats By 10%, Proud Of Its Power, Etc Alos Raise Stats a little bit, maybe 4 or 5%. So I Would Get A Jolly Metagross, thats Proud of Its power, Hates To Lose, or Etc. Teach it:
Meteor Mash, Earthquake, Zen Headbutt, and Something Else, Whatever ya want, maybe Agility to double his Speed.

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It's impossible but you can just select nature suitable for your attack(such as: adamant, naughty) or speed(such asjolly or naive)(there isn't any nature good for both attack and speed)

if ur Metagross needs just physical attack, I suggest you should choose Adamant nature(it's good for ur attack but may decrease ur special attack)
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