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I have always wondered how smeargle worked.

"Work" in what sense? Can you be more specific?

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Well Smeargle is a unique Pokemon, with the ability to learn any move ever, with it's signiature move Sketch
In competitive battles, people use it with the FEAR strategy or a Baton Pass set.
The FEAR is basically level 1 Smeargle with endeavour & focus sash
Baton Pass is extremely common in the allowed tiers, with Smeargle having access to one of the best boosting moves Shell Smash and also Spore theo only 100% sleep inducer

I think I understood that. Thanks.
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Smeargle is able to learn ANY move, even from legendary Pokémon. (Fusion Flare, Shadow Force, V-Create, ect.)

This is all because of the move Sketch. Smeargle can use Sketch to learn a move from another Pokémon permanently. For example, if you were in battle, and your opponent's Pokémon used Scratch, Smeargle could use Sketch. Sketch would then become Scratch.

After Smeargle learns a move by using Sketch, it learns Sketch again after 10 levels. If your Smeagle is too high-level to learn Sketch 4 times without getting to level 100, the solution is to trade in a heart scale to the move tutor so that you can learn Sketch again. If you decide that you don't want a move that you taught Smeargle, you can simply talk to the Move Deleter to delete that move.

The easiest way to teach Smeargle moves is by doing double battles with wild Pokémon. (you can only do this is B/W and B/W 2 ) Have your Smeargle with Sketch with you and then the Pokémon with the move that you want Smeargle to learn. After you get in a double battle, have your Pokémon use the move for Smeargle to learn, and then have your Smeargle use Sketch on it.

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Smeargle is quite odd. It can learn any move created through the move Sketch. For example if you have a smeargle battling a Oshawatt and the Oshawatt used Razor Shell and you then used Sketch. The Smeargle would then enharet Razor Shell. Razor Shell would replace sketch. But dont worry the copied move doesnt have only 1 PP. It has the moves PP. Sketch can be very useful through breeding. Hope I helped!

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Smeargle can learn any move, bar Chatter and Shadow Moves, through its signature move Sketch. Basically, Sketch has 1 PP and learns it once every 10 levels, starting at 1 (1, 11, 21 ect.). It will copy the last move the foe used, and that move will replace Sketch.

In competitive battling, it is often abused by giving it a Focus Sash and the 100% accurate sleep move Spore. Then, the other 3 moves are usually for Baton Passing stuff like Shell Smash, Shift Gear, and Quiver Dance, setting hazards such as Spikes and Stealth Rock, and phazing with Whirlwind.

Another strategy like knightofdragon mentioned is FEAR. It's where it's level 1 and holds a Focus Sash. Then it would use Endeavor and get the foe to 1 HP. Lastly, it finishes of the opponent with a priority move, ExtremeSpeed is usually preferred because it is +2 so it will beat Scizor's Bullet Punch.

Hope I helped! :)