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Becuase I am considering one for my next team. one that has high stats in both defenses.

A moveset for the pokemon will be apreciated and it can only be one avalable in platinum.
Also if it can set up other status entries as well that would be nice

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Forretress for sure! It has great defense only, so not exactly a wall, but a defensive wall. You can just go for a sp. defense nature and/or sp. defense ev training to even it out.

It can learn Toxic Spikes as an egg move by breeding a male Beedrill, and female Pineco.

Beedril is a good dad because it learns Toxic Spikes at a pretty low level.

And it can also learn spikes, so, since you would like more than one entry hazard Forretress would be a good choice. It can even learn Stealth Rock by tm, good for fire types.

I think a good moveset would be:

Stealth Rock and/or Toxic Spikes
Gyro Ball
possibly Bide
And maybe a stat move ar another attack.

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Foretress ius easily best.