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I got both the black and white 2 games and started trading them back and forth via infrared connection, I also put both the cartirdges in both the ds's (one at a time) and since that happened I cannot sync via connections. I changed the dates on my old ds because it was wrong but as for my 3ds it's correct.

Please help before we do it again; lol.

What are you doing to connect though?
The connections fine, it worked before. I have been on Pokémon dream radar quite a few times but 2 days ago it won't let me in?
What exactly are you asking?
This happened to me to... I don't know wut is going on...
did this work mewderator?

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make sure they are both in trade .

try turning them both on at the same time.

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thank you mewderator :P :P :P :P