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Just wondering

Any one else wonder that?

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Team Rocket have made all sorts of machines. It isn't possible to make a rocket shooting machine in a week's time (or possibly lower time), unless you were incredibly fast.

It's Game Freak logic really, but Team Rocket and Meowth are pretty damn smart people.

Hope I helped. :)

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Mostly Meowth. :P
Yes i agree rockets meowth is a smart people
meoth is not a person he is a meowth
Meowth are people too! :P
i'm just thinking of all the meowths ive offended now
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My guess is just that they made like cardboard ones that looked realistic. I'm not exactly sure what your asking though, this is my guess on how they made them.

Hope this helps!

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if they were card bord then how could "paint" be washed off of it?

but I do see your point just that one little thing I wanted to say
i am wondering how they made them bc they had a very small amount of time to make them and get clown suits.
I think you can paint cardboard and it can wash off. Just saying. :3
But if it were cardboard, the gang would probably figure out straight away that they were fakes... if they didn't... they are just brainless bunches of pixels.