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I am not talking about form shifts like Rotom but actual evolutions. This can include changing half of a dual type.


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Look here and you can see there are none. :3

Click here to see all the evolutions.

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yeah, I just realised that
Lyl. Me sorry.
There is nothing wrong with helping me out :3
Nice pretty chart but it doesn't help me with my question.  It shows the evolution types but not the elemental type of each Pokemon.  I'm wanting to know if there is a Pokemon who has 3 evolutions who has three different elemental types like a fire->fire fighting->fire bug or something else.
Well if you look through the chart (and if you know Pokemon types by heart) then you can obviously see that none of them do. Lemme just do you a solid and say right now that there is none.
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Having a look at the chart from the previous answer, I can tell you that there are no Pokemon with three evolutionary stages, that change type each time.
I assumed you aren't including branched evolution in your question, otherwise Eevee would be the obvious answer (although there are others like Nincada that do the same thing on a smaller scale).
Hope this made it clearer for you.