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Okay so like we see that in Pokemon they have normal food (Soup, Sandwich, Tea, Rice, Meat bla bla bla) - not like Tauros beef or anything like that (HOPEFULLY). Where exactly does all this food come from? xD We don't see cows or wheat farms in Pokemon.

And even if noone knows I'd love to hear some theories on it. :3

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Did u know why Farfecth'd is considered to be rare?
I heard it's used as Chicken.

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  1. People do eat Pokemon, e.g. Magikarp:
  2. People drink Moomoo Milk, aka Miltank milk. In Gen II onwards, there's always some reference to Moomoo Milk (Gen V you get it from Join Avenue). Remember the farmer in GCS/ HGSS? He had a herd of Miltanks that produced milk. Farms do exist in Pokemon.
  3. "Real" animals exist, e.g. fish. Ash & co. were in an aquarium once and there were non-Pokemon fish swimming around in tanks. They just don't get the screen time because they're relatively uninteresting compared to most Pokemon.
    (pretty sure this was in Cerulean Gym)
  4. Berries, fruit etc. are other staple food sources. Iris is expert at collecting wild berries & fruit. Also remember that her Emolga has an apple obsession:

Food is a relatively uninteresting part of Pokemon. Showing every single detail of how people get their food, what time they went to sleep, brushing their teeth when they woke up, doing their laundry, explaining how Cilan manages to produce an entire kitchen in the middle of a field and cook a 5 star meal, etc., would make the entire anime too realistic and boring.
Like The Office.

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The miltank picture looks very wrong, as in inappropriate. :3
So it wasn't just my mind that was in the gutter.
But that was the only one I could find. So. T__T
I remember the Cerulean Gym episode! :O
Me and my brother were on an old anime watching spree. Pokemon back then seems so good. D:
that poor magikarp, mmm FISH!
in the first episode, Pidgeyotto was eating a non-pokemon worm.
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What kind of food are you talking about? Pokemon eat all kinds of food. Some Pokémon have been known to eat other Pokémon too. Drinks can be bought from vending machines, and are like soda and lemonade and water. Berries are food too, and Pokémon love them. There is also Pokeblocks and Poffins, made from berries. There is also honey and aprijuice, and most of food items are normal like cookies and stuff. There is also apples and other fruit. There is also a lot of human food, and there is also kibble. There is also parasitic feeding, like the move Dream Eater, which feeds on dreams. Also, there is real life animals in Pokémon diets, like some Pokémon feed on insects.

Where does this all come from? My guess is this.

Other Pokémon: Obviously in the wild

Drinks: Vending machines and manufactured in factories and home made.

Berries: home grown

Pokeblocks, Poffins, and Aprijuice: all mde from berries

Honey: From Flowers or Pokémon with Honey gather

Cookies: Home made

Fruit: home grown

Human Food: where you would normally find it.

Kibble: Stores who make it in factories for home made.

Dreams and other parasitic food: You brain and body

Real life animals: Places where you would normally find it.


Also watch this weird video

Hope this helps!

EDIT: If you are still not satisfied, a lot of things happening are off screen.

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:O thanks but its like, real animals don't actually appear in the anime, barr heaps of fish so how do we know beef comes from say cows? ;~;
This is all off screen work, my friend.
*shoots Nintendo*
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According to this information, it is possible if food like that made of Pokemon and there is also myth that saying people eating Pokemon. Here's the myth:

Pick clean the bones of Pokémon

caught in the sea or stream. 
Thank them for the meals they 
provide, and pick their bones clean. 
When the bones are as clean as can 
be, set them free in the water from 
which they came. 
The Pokémon will return, fully 
fleshed, and it begins anew. 

Also there is the animal like fish, cat and dog in Pokemon world. There is also seen Ash using Cow costume. So, my theories say there is animal like cow and chicken in Pokemon world.

Hope my answer helping you.