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So today I was training my Scolipede and used the move iron defense, which raises defense by two stages (sharply) But instead of it saying sharply it said "Scolipede's defense rose Drastically I thought nothing of it at first but when I tried using iron defense again it said that Scolipede's defense couldn't be raised any higher? I understand that there is a certain move, cotton guard I believe that raises defense by three stages. But why did iron defense max out my defense with just a single usage? Keep in mind this is the first time I used it in that battle. Did I get a sort of critical hit with iron defense? Is such a thing possible?


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There is one thing that can cause this occurrence whithout being a glitch. That, is Simple Beam. Most likely, you were batteling a Audino, Elegym or Beeheyem that used Simple Beam on your Pokemon, causing its stat-changes to double. The reason for not being able to use Iron Defense again might be because you already used it and then got hit by Simple Beam, giving it +2 Defense plus 3 Defense= +4 or max Defense.
It was certenly not a Critical Hit, only attacks get those.
Source: Those stupid Audions are always spamming Simple Beam when I'm training.

I think this probably the main reason

btw, nice answer :3
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Iron Defense raises the Defense by 2 stages.
Additionally, even if it was a Drastic raise (+3) it shouldn't have disallowed you to do it again'. There is no 'critical' with any non-damaging moves, so Iron Defense could not have maxed your defense out with one use.
You can check the list of Gen V glitches [here][1]
[1]: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/List_of_glitches_in_Generation_V
I couldn't find any glitch to do with Iron Defense :s
So you either 1. misread or 2. discovered a new glich (possible if you were playing on emulator which are alot more dodgy)

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