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Just updating an old answer here
I completely forgot about updating this, so;
The chance is (1/32)^6, which is equal to 1/1073741824, or in index notation, 9.313225746 x 10^-10.
This, in full decimal form is 0.0000000009313225746.

Basically, I'd fancy your chances of getting struck by lightning to be higher than getting a perfectly IVed Pokemon in the wild. If you do, buddy, go enter the lottery.

How to calculate it
The formula used in this case is n^r, from the topic of Probability/Combinations and Permutations. In this case, 1/32 is representing the chance of getting a single perfect IV on the Pokemon, while by taking it to the power of 6 represents that fact you need to get that perfect IV 6 times.

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good job. xD RNG is different, i only refer to the chances of encountering a wild one :P
Holy smokes! And to think I got a perfect Froslass via GTS. XD Thanks man, this answer is awesome. And that percent. Sheesh. IS THAT LIKE 50 SHINIES OR SOMETHING?! Ima go enter the lottery now. :P
Ur Perfect froslass is Prolly made on Pokegen : P
It could've been RNGed.
Lol I know it was probz made on PokeGen :P