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Pokémon who don't have eyes?
Zubat lol.
I know there's a glitch where Scolipede's eyes are closed even after it wakes up.
I think Magnezone's eyes are also still open even when it is asleep

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Okay... There's just one Pokemon who doesn't close his eyes when he is asleep because his eyes are never open. You know who i'm talking about right? Brockymon

Brockymon That's what he looks like. It's funneh! XD

The serious answer. :P

Pokemon without eyes and Pokemon with closed eyes.

>Abra, Zubat, Gloom, Staryu, Starmie, Ditto/Mew transformed to any of the other Pokemon listed here. Dunsparce, Swinub, Piloswine, Skitty, Nosepass, Gulpin, Makuhita, Spinda, Torkoal, Baltoy, Lileep, Wynaut, Wobuffet, Clamperl, Uxie, Musharna, Woobat, Deino, Zweilous.

Thanks for reading my answer. Let's see what "Eyeless" Pokemon gen Vi will give us?

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All Pokemon close their eyes when they are asleep, unless it doesn't have eyes like Staryu or Zubat, or they already have their eyes closed, but I don't think any Pokemon have that. :3

[Also] in Generation V, Pokémon close their eyes while sleeping and they move slower as well.

I'm pretty sure this is right, but I don't want to look at all of them, so look at this. That link shows you each of the Gen V Pokemon broken up (the poor Pokemon sprites. x)) and it shows the part of where their eyes are closed when asleep. (Some Pokemon have small eyes, so look closely) Also search around that site to find the other generations (in the 'Parts' section you can find shiny sprites, back sprites - kudos to the creator xD)

Also, according to this Bronzong's eyes turn white, so there's something there to start off with. x)
Hope I helped. :)
All my sources are above.

Brock never opens his eyes, makes me wonder how he made it through 4 whole regions...
That's because apparently he is the only Asian one... o_O
Thank you so much, you can see that a lot of pokemon, especially in third generation, do not close their eyes while they're sleep
There was one episode where he opened his eyes, and it was really weird....