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I've battled him a couple times but almost always lost on his Gyarados... I'm just using a Level 53 Starly, but I learned about EVs after I got it to there so I'm pretty much screwed... Anyway, I want/need/would like to know what his Pokemon are. Thanks!


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The following are Crashe Wake's Pokemon;
Gyarados @ (Nothing)
Ability: Intimidate
Level 33
~ Waterfall
~ Brine
~ Bite
~ Twister

Quagsire @ (Nothing)
Ability: Damp
Level 34
~ Water Pulse
~ Mud Shot
~ Rock Tomb
~ Yawn

Floatzel @ Sitrus Berry
Ability: Swift Swim
Level 37
~ Brine
~ Crunch
~ Ice Fang
~ Aqua Jet

Obviously, use Electric/Grass type attacks to deal with him. It'll help if you have Thunderpunch Infernape or Torterra with a grass attack.

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Thanks. But I only use Starly.
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Gyarados, Floatzel, and Quagsire. hope this helped.