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He is asking for a round blue Pokemon with leaves growing on it's head. I tried a Jumpluff and it's not that. I can't see any others that would fit.

Also, what other Pokemon does he ask for later?


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OK thanks to Swampert for the info. For future reference, here are all the Pokemon I was asked for and the correct answers:

"A round blue Pokemon with leaves growing on it's head."

"A fire type Pokemon that's supposed to roar well."

"A Pokemon with large round eyes. The one that sings a lullaby with it's cute voice!"

"A hugely popular Pokemon that has a yellow body and bright red cheeks. I would love to see what it looks like before it evolves."

"Blue and round, end of its tail works like a float. Its belly is white."

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The last one is pikachu cause pichu evolve by friendship just sayin
No it's not, it's Pichu. He's asking for Pikachu's pre-evolution.
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EDIT: Sorry, didn't read whole Question, He Asks for just about anything that evolves by a stone, and he'll give you the stone for it(except Lickatung, he gives an everstone 4 that). So If you get stuck, find a pokemon that fits his description, and evolves by a stone:)

ODDISH ISN'T BLUE! The old guy is colorblind :)
Actually, Oddish IS Blue:)
Well I guess I must be colourblind since it looks black to me!
What would happen if I give him an Eevee? I want an Umbreon
If you want an umbreon, eevee has to level up at night with high happiness.