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Help with My Platinum Mono Grass?

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I wanna mono Grass Playthrough Platinum, so Far I'm Thinking, Torterra, Roserade, Leafeon and if I can find it early on Tangela/Tangrowth, but idk what else to get ;-; I don't need sets but where to find it would be good c: ty

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You could use carnivine from the great marsh

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Your other options are:

Tropius (Great Marsh)
Bellsprout (Route 224 and 230)
Oddish (Route 224 and 230 @ Night)
Snover (Route 216, 217, Acuity Lakefront, Mt. Coronet Peak)
Cherubi (Honey trees)
Cacturne (Route 228)

I would not recommend a Grass mono in Platinum, considering 2 out of E4 will trash you (Aaron and particularly Flint), and you will meet Candice and Byron will difficulty. You can't get Lileep until after you get the Nat dex, so you essentially have no counter for Flint. I know you're looking for a challenge, but doing a Grass mono in Platinum might be too much.

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umm... what will i do? there aren't really Enough Pokemon for Mono Fire are there? Infernape and Houndoom and Flareon.... what else?
I can only think of 5. Infernape, Rapidash, Magmar, Houndoom, Flareon. If you have a DS Lite, you can use dongle & get Growlithe & Vulpix. I think in terms of best types to use for a Mono run, maybe Mono Normal or Mono Water.

You'd be lacking HM slaves anyway if you did Mono Grass/ Fire.
i can get a Cyndaquil from My Sisters Soul Silver
Then you'll have 6. I think you got some good counters for Wake, since Magmotar can learn T-bolt and Infernape T-Punch, but watch out for Cynthia's Garchomp though. If you get something with HP Ice/ Dragon, go for it.
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I would recommend leafeon because it a great physical attacker and an awesome defense, and has decent sp atk, and... actually, it's stats are well rounded and a "boost" in physical stats (attack and defense) and you could get it after you beat the eterna city gym.

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