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Ok, so I'm playing as a Sky Form Shaymin I named Skye, and I made my partner Giratina's Origin form on Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky.
And right when I started walking on Beach Cave's first turn (And start on 1F) , it was normal. The second turn I walked, I was a tile faster than Giratina. So this kind of got me confused. Is Giratina's origin form supposed to be slow? Is Sky Form Shaymin supposed to be faster? I am very, very confused.

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None of them are supposed to be slower or faster, I can't find a source saying it anyway.
Dunno, the only way for that to happen is f Giratina use a move where he had to recharge or was caught up in a fight and you just kept on walking while Gira was fighting. Another possibility is that you walked into a water pool, that gira couldn't access but Shaymin could fly over.
Can you tell me more of the senario? Was there a bunch of enemies, what moves were used, or what was the room like.

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Shaymin-Sky always moves faster. It's like getting a speed boost that doesn't wear off on a number of steps.

Source: I've read this somewhere before and personal experience

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how can I make Shaymin slower becaue I don't like having to wait for Giratina.
- Don't turn Shaymin into its Sky form
- Give Giratina a Quick Seed
- If you're lucky hit one of those Slowpoke tiles it will reduce Shaymin-Sky's speed back to normal
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Shaymin is faster when it turns into Sky form so yes the game is acting normal...it may be glitching if you used cheats though...

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Then how can I make it the same speed as my partner? Because I hate having to skip 6 or 5 turns for him to catch up to me.