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I really want a good normal type Pokemon but I can see that a lot of trainers already have Blissey and I didnt want an overused Pokemon. Is Lickilicky worth the switching?


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Blissey has quite a bit going for it. It has monstrous special bulk with its huge HP and fantastic special defense. Its HP makes it able to take a few physical hits even though it has the worst defense in the game. It has a great support movepool, including Heal Bell, Wish, Thunder Wave, and more. Its special attack is not very high, but usable, and is only 10 behind Lickilicky's attack which it will usually be using.

Lickilicky has very well rounded stats. It has a great HP stat, although not as good as Blissey's, and good defenses. It has a very similar movepool, also including Wish and Heal Bell. One thing that it has over Blissey is phazing with Dragon Tail, but that's one of the only things. Obviously, it has supreme physical bulk but is usually run as a special wall.

So, I would use Blissey as a special wall, but if you want a physical wall, try a Pokemon with better physical bulk.

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Well, let's have a look. Lickilicky has a stat total 25 below Blissey, but its stats are all average, except HP, which is good, and speed, which is bad. Blissey has a higher stat total, but its defense attack and speed are horrible, and its Special Attack is hardly average. Its Special Defense and its HP, however , are highest to near highest in the entire game. So I'd say lickithingy for a wall, and Blissey for an annoyer/Special wall.

Hope I helped!