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I know everyone will say that blissey is the most epic special wall of all time. But I just checked up Regice on the Pokedex, and holy! 200 base special defense! Unfortunately, I don't know how to calculate these kind of stat stuff. So does anyone know which is the better special wall?


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The problem with Regice is that it is of the Ice type, considered the worst defensive type in the game. Regice can take a special hit better than Blissey, but Blissey also has better HP. The typing and HP, along with access to reliable recovery in Softboiled and an ability that protects against Toxic make Blissey considered to be a better special wall. Although I hate Blissey so much. I prefer Regice myself for Gravity usage with Blizzard, Focus Blast, and Zap Cannon, but hey, some people like Blissey. Either way, it is considered a better special wall.

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SURE Regice has a lot more base Sp. Defense than Blissey, but do you really know why Blissey is the best thing in the world?

Lets compare them stat wise:

~ Regice/Blissey

  • HP: 80/255 *
  • DEF: 100/10
  • SP. DEF: 200/135

Okay, so Regice has MUCH more Defense than Blissey (which is her only weakness), and Regice has higher Sp. Defense.

*BUT, take a look at the HP. 255 vs 80.
THIS is why Blissey is so awesome. At Lv 100, Blissey can have up to 714 HP at the maximum possibility.
With that much HP, Defense and Sp. Defense almost doesn't matter anymore! She can take tons of hits!
Regice is defensively built, but not meant to last long. lt will eventually be worked out and get KO'ed.

Who but Blissey can take tons of hits (except for Fighting type moves D:), AND Softboil back half her HP?
Blissey is a wonderful wall, and getting hit by Sp. Attacks are tickles still!
She can take non super effective Physical attacks well too! Blissey is just great.

lf you think that Regice is better at taking Special hits, as well as dealing damage, than go right ahead and train Regice.
- Regice is more like a Tank, that may also get KO'ed by a Close Combat or something.
- Blissey is more of a Staller or Wall that will be such an ass to KO. She can't really do much damage (maybe with Counter she can) but that is pretty risky.

Blissey can take Special hits better than Regice, because she has way more HP to get KO'ed than from Regice, which simply makes special hits do a little less on it.

With defensive walls, always consider HP into the equation too! ~

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well, like you said blissey is better.
but if you want a blissey to do damage teach it seismic toss.
my idael blissy will be/have.
bold nature.
evtrained in hp and defence, the last 6 evs in dp defence:)

this way it'll be really useful and can pwn regice in the face:)
She is good become Wall because the HP stat is very High!