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With similar stats, and possibly, identical sets


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I would say the closest Physical counterpart of Blissey is:


It has 165 base HP and 80 Defense. It has the moves Wish and Toxic at its disposal, and for its standard move, it has Waterfall while Blissey often uses Flamethrower. This is the closest Physical counterpart of Blissey I can find.

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Great! This is what I was looking for, however, skarmbliss is sorta there. I was looking for a pokemon with identical stats, but just on the physical side
However, no best awnser until i see if anyone else has anything to say
You can BA your own answer? And get 22 points? Wow.
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There is no pokemon that matches up exactly with Blissey's stats in the physical department, but it is often paired up with Skarmory, to form the annoyingly bulky "Skarmbliss" combo.

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This Guy:
Base 75 HP / 200 def with curse and gyro ball, also can perform the Edge-quake coverage

Base 80 HP / 150 Def with iron def/curse , again with edge-quake.

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Regirock has 100 base HP and 200 base Defense.. But what he was asking wasn't for a strong physical wall, but a strong physical wall with similar utilities, like Wish.
Exactly J98
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audino. JUST audino. not only good defense,but good sp.defense plus mega

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Chesnaught with his hidden ability Bulletproof is a nice option. Very nice physical bulk with an impish nature, and has a nice move pool. It's grass/fighting, not the best "wall" typing, but it's pretty good.
I'd run it like this (just realized this is from 2012 LOL)

252hp / 252 defense / 4 sp defense
-spikes/leech seed
-drain punch
-spiky shield

hope this helps even though I'm late LOL