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And I mean PokeTransfer, not PokeBank.


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No. Poketransfer is linked to Pokebank. You need your 3DS (or 2DS), wifi connection and a computer.

Pokebank & Poketransfer

Ah, so I can transfer from Black to Y without 2 Ds's... thats great. But what if i dont have Pokebank? or is this ensuring that people will pay for PokeBank because they want their pokemon?
If you don't have Pokebank, then there's no way to transfer. And yea, you have to pay to transfer your Pokemon. Considering that you needed 2 DS's in the past to transfer, the price of 500yen per annum is literally nothing compared to getting another DS just to transfer Pokemon.
Made even worse by the fact that someday, not soon but someday, Poke'bank support will be gone forever from Gen VI, and all transfers after such impossible legitimately.