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I mean: If Scarfchomp demolished my whole team but Absol, can I mega-evolve it even if I'm playing over Wi-Fi so that I can pull off the situation, or am I doomed to failure ?

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I'm pretty sure they'd be smart enough to involve Mega Evolutions in online play, but i don't know for sure.
In an interview with Game Freak, there was a question about megas and online play, and Game Freak said that mega evolution would change up competitive battling, cuz you wouldn't know whether or not the opponent had a mega stone. So I think mega evolution is in online play.
I don't hope, in fact.

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Yes, Mega Evolution is allowed in online play. I could Mega Evolve Lucario and Gardevoir during a battle in Random Matchup.

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No you can't :D
Whoops, misinterpreted that. I Mega Evolved them in two DIFFERENT battles. :P
Thank you.
No problem :)
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Yes it is you can mega evolve in online play.
Note:u can only mega evolve once during a battle.
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wow u helped me.  i was wondering why i coudnt mega eveolve my venisour after i mega  evovled my locario. =D