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So, this guy (if you didn't know his name):

enter image description here

I know he's like 3000 years old, but does that ever explain why he's so huge? You'd think if a guy like that was roaming the earth for the past 3000 years, he'd get some attention. :P

And what kind of name is AZ anyway?

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Don't know why he's so tall, but AZ means the beginning (A) and the end (Z). I forgot who says that in the game.
He ate his vegetables, he didn't stay up all night and always did his chores when his mother told him to.
he is a giant
There is no answer I have beat the game and there is no explamation

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Loads of theories could go with this answer; however, I think its because he was caught within the power of the Ultimate Weapon: giving him power (thus making him tall)