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How is AZ over 3000 years old? And how is he so tall? Doesn´t make any sense.

You would have thought being 3000 years old, he would have had stronger Pokemon. -_- but I have to say that little video of him Pokemon before the credits made me cry, it was beautiful...
This is not answering the question.
It WAS a answer. before it was edited into a comment.

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When they explain the machines power, one of the things it can do is grant eternal life. This almost happened to the Protagonists when you stop Lysandre from destroying the world.

So AZ and his Pokemon have eternal life. Simple right?

His height is probably a combination of the main character (you) being shorter than average, and him being taller than average. My bet is that if he weren't who he was he'd be a famous Basketball player.

Lol yeah, he's got to be at least 8 feet tall.