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I was thinking about this and realized I only know how long the franchise Has been around but with gen 8 having everybody on the edge of there seat It makes me wonder how spaced out have the Story line Pokemon games been? thanks for your help!

You mean the core series or literally all the Pokemon games?

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It depends on your region, but I'll put down information for Japan and America.

Red & Green/Blue: 1996 in Japan, 1998 in America
Yellow: 1998 in Japan (2 years later), 1999 in America (1 year later)
Gold & Silver: 1999 in Japan (1 year later), 2000 in America (1 year later)
Crystal: 2000 in Japan (1 year later), 2001 in America (1 year later)
Ruby & Sapphire: 2002 in Japan (2 years later), 2003 in America (2 years later)
FireRed & LeafGreen: 2004 in Japan (2 years later), 2004 in America (1 year later)
Emerald: 2004 in Japan (same year), 2005 in America (1 year later)
Diamond & Pearl: 2006 in Japan (2 years later), 2007 in America (2 years later)
Platinum: 2008 in Japan (2 years later), 2009 in America (2 years later)
HeartGold & SoulSilver: 2009 in Japan (1 year later), 2010 in America (1 year later)
Black & White: 2010 in Japan (1 year later), 2011 in America (1 year later)
Black 2 & White 2: 2012 in Japan (2 years later), 2012 in America (2 years later)

After this point, the release dates for all Pokémon games have been synched in both Japan and America

X & Y: 2013 (1 year later)
Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire: 2014 (1 year later)
Sun & Moon: 2016 (2 years later)
Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon: 2017 (1 year later)


In your question, you specify where each game's story fits chronologically. The games are produced and released in a different order from the canonical ingame timeline, which has been confirmed from Game Freak. We know that Kanto and Hoenn games (both the originals and their remakes) take place at roughly the same time, then two or three years later, the Johto and Sinnoh games take place (also at around the same as each other). As far as I know, we have not gotten any confirmation as to when the Kalos or Alola games take place, but here's a video (and its sequel) that gives a rather sound guess as to when they might fit on the timeline.

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