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Um...cos if you are in a game called 'X and Y' why wouldnt you want to be called AZ? XD Idk
First off, great question.

Now, I don't think anyone really knows. But my theory is that it reflects the two legendaries Xerneas and Yveltal, as Xerneas is life, or a new *beginning*... A. Yveltal is death, or the eternal *end*... Z. And I think it is extremely possible the names for Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were devised early and his name reflects this.
You need to answer, not suggest a theory that you just came up with.
^ Tbh all we have right now are theories, and that one (AZ = beginning to end) is the most plausible one.

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From the letters A and Z, meaning the beginning and end

This is taken from Bulbapedia's page on AZ.
What they're saying in the comments is perfectly right it is to do with the beginning and the end, as his name is spelt with the first and last letter of the alphabet.
Hope I helped :)

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