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in Pokemon black, what is the complete list of Pokemon outbreaks that happen and what Pokemon are in them? I really want to get Pokemon from different regions without trading!

Example of answer: Route 4 outbreak: wurmple


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Route 1: farfetched
Route 2: wynaut
Route 3: volbeat
Route 4: hippopotas
Route 5: smeargle
Route 6: plusle
Route 7: sentret
Route 8: croagunk
Route 9: houndour
Route 10: tyrogue
Route 11: shroomish
Route 12: doduo
Route 13: shuppet
Route 14: yanma
Route 15: mankey
Route 16: pineco
Route 18: exeggecute

Those are the only routes in which I know what the outbreak Pokemon is. Hope this helps!

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Depending on which version you are playing there.are exclusivities, plusle or minun, volbeat or.limumise