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Ok, so I've watched all the videos and they all say to go to route 12 and use honey to get a horde of mareep to appear.

However, everytime I try this all that I get is a horde of Wingulls. Each and everytime. I've tried over a dozen times and honey is becoming hard to come by.

Is there anything I'm missing?

Elite four? Special number of badges? Certain Pokemon level? Certain place in the game I need to get past?

I already have the mega stone for Amphros so can someone pelase tell me what I'm missing??

Maybe lead with a pokemon with static, as that increases the chances of Electric types appearing? I haven't caught one myself, though, but I haven't tried to either (it's on my to-do list)
^ Yep. If it's a weak Pokemon, switch it out for a ground type like Diggersby. Or you could faint it and leave it at the beginning of your part & static would still work, but that's a bit mean.

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Here, it says that you can only find mareep in hordes, and they are less common than wingulls. It's possible you aren't getting very lucky and just need to try a bit more with more honey.

Having a lead Pokemon with static:
will increase your chances of encountering electric type Pokemon in areas where electric types can be found, including mareep.

I'd just say get a lead static Pokemon and use lots of honey. You shouldn't need any badges or whatever to be able to find mareep.

I hope this helps!