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Snorlax can take a lot and also dish out a lot of damage. I want to invest in eve training one, but want to check first if there's a better tank out there who would be considered overall better than Snorlax. I appreciate all recommendations. I am also playing Pokemon Y.

I think Blissey is the only one, but that's my experience from 4th gen competitive. I don't know anything about 5th or 6th gen.
What does the rest of your Team look like? What kind of Tank do you need (Physically Defensive or Specially Defensive)? Do you need a Special Attack or a Physical one?

Please edit your Answer with these very important details so we can Answer the question better, because as it stands now it is very broad and out there...
Are you talking about Snorlax as a tank in-game, or as one competitively?

Also, Blissey is not a tank. She's a wall.

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Some good tanks:


Conkeldurr: With Bulk Up, he becomes pretty hard to hit with physical attacks and can deal big damage with Drain and Ice Punch. Mach Punch can finish off opponents with little HP left.

Tyranitar: Awesome Attack stat, and good Def and Sp.Def stats. Sand stream damage nullifies leftovers and sometimes even focus sash. STAB Crunch and Stone Edge do lots of damage, and you have Earthquake for more coverage. Just watch out for switches into Fighting types.

Bronzong: With 116 Defense and Sp. Defense, Bronzong can become a great tank f the opponent doesn't have any types to counter it. Gyro Ball takes advantage of 33 Speed and 89 Attack base stats.


Gastrodon: High HP, good STABS like Scald and Earth Power, one weakness (although it is a big weakness), access to Recover, and immunity to Water attacks with Storm Drain make for a pretty good tank.

Thundurus: Not the ideal definiton of a tank, but he has good speed, pretty good defenses, and a great Sp. Attack. The fact that he only has two weaknesses and both of them are weak to Fighting AND Steel is a bonus.

I know other people will have more suggestions as well. Hopefully this will help!